Ask the Ambien Cassandra
The deal was made on unequal footing.

Cassandra wanted the gift of prophecy, and Apollo wanted Cassandra. When it came down to her end of the bargain, though, Cassandra said no. But Apollo was never one to handle rejection with grace. Like a spoiled child with the powers of a god, he exacted his petty revenge. Since he could not take his gift back, Apollo spit in her mouth, dooming Cassandra to always speak the truth but to never be believed.

Ask the Ambien Cassandra is an ongoing, New Media performance project that explores connections between Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, drug-based medical interventions for PTSD, and the Greek myth of Cassandra. In one-on-one performance consultations both online and in person, those seeking the truth consult our contemporary oracle in her prime moments of prophecy: after taking the medicine prescribed to treat her disorder, but before she actually falls asleep. But what drives someone to seek guidance from a live and in-person Dear Abby who is physically compelled to tell them the truth?  And ultimately, will the querent trust the truth offered to them?

Check out the first Ask the Ambien Cassandra media installation above and all will be revealed.